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the 100 anomaly

In episode 6×05 ‘The Gospel of Josephine’ Octavia and Diyoza find themselves immovable in a crucible when a temporal flare waves over the area, fossilizing everything in its path. Peace has never come easy, and this new planet is no exception. It is the seventy-ninth episode of the series overall. Whether it’s WWE news or something from across the sea, let’s talk shop. At that point, Ryker reveals that they did it because Russell "murdered" Clarke to bring Josephine back., 'The 100' exclusive clip reveals a chance to save Clarke's life… or end it forever, Jane the Virgin's Jessie Anne Spence takes us behind the scenes, How to watch iZombie Season 5, Episode 10 live on The CW, iZombie interview: John Emmet Tracy discusses Enzo's evolution and the final season. It could have been structured this way merely to prohibit communication between the inhabitants, but there might be an underlying reason as well. While this age-old device may exude mystical Indiana Jones or Lost’s ‘moving the island’ vibes, I believe there’s a very scientific explanation behind the workings of the stone. This means the creators of the sphere could not have been anyone from the Eligius Corporation as the first settlers arrived around 250 years prior. This is Clarke’s third episode where she does not appear. According to Becca Franco (Erica Cerra) in those memories, all of the Eligius III worlds are in relatively close proximity to a black hole, which is why time gets weird there. Mission Team Beta wasn’t quite as lucky. An alternate dimension if you will. The 100's Anomaly & New Planet Explained: How [SPOILER] Works, Why The 100 Killed Russell So Early In Season 7, The 100 Recap: Biggest Questions Season 7 Needs To Answer, The 100: Every Original Character Still Alive In Season 7, Anomaly links all of these worlds together, The 100 Theory: Gabriel Dies In Season 7 Solving The Anomaly, The Mandalorian Season 2 Drops A Sneaky Death Star Easter Egg, The Mandalorian: 3 New Star Wars Black Series Figures Revealed [EXCLUSIVE], Saved By The Bell Channel With Free Episodes Launched Ahead Of Reboot. Directed by Noel Clarke. (Mind you, this is The 100 and we know characters don’t get just endings.). View production, box office, & company info. The Old Man and the Anomaly Hope: I couldn’t get out of it. I’m not 100 percent sure I can even explain it all, but here goes… We start out at the Anomaly Stone in Bardo, where Octavia and Diyoza have just been pulled through from Sky Ring. Directed by April Mullen. Writer(s) Maybe she’ll have an aged Diyoza with her, similarly to when Connor came out of the other dimension with his “father” in Angel, or maybe not. Gabriel called it the greatest mystery of Sanctum, and it certainly lives up to the title. Gabriel Santiagohas been studying the Anomaly for 150 years. While we wait for answers, here’s a list of everything we do know. Walking into the Anomaly also healed Octavia from a severe injury she obtained in season 6. After running a successful accounting firm for a few years, she decided to focus on her passion. Its origin and effect on the moon and the people inhabiting it were unclear, but it was something that everyone seemed to try to avoid at all costs, seeing as it managed to interfere with everything around it. The Anomaly itself is present on all of the chosen planets, which is part of the reason why they were chosen for the missions in the first place. The Outpost season 3, episode 6: Can Talon tame a rogue Lu-Qiri? Use the HTML below. Raven says that she would never murder someone, just to bring back someone she loves. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site. The possibility exists that the girl under the floor was specifically created for this purpose – just a crazy conspiracy theory. She stabbed Octavia (Marie Avgeropolous), who then disappeared and went back into the Anomaly. What do you think will happen to Diyoza on The 100? Diyoza barely escapes while Octavia hides beneath the quicksand. Gabriel explains in episode eight, ‘The old man and the anomaly’, that it parallels the effects of the red sun toxin – only constantly, and weirder. They intent to use the EMP to turn off the radiation shield and perform the surgery in one of the outposts Russell gave them. Ivana admitted in a interview during the scene where she was following her character's daughter inside the Anomaly she was picturing her late brother Filip instead since The 100 was his favorite show. She refuses to tell Bellamy what she needs it for. He had trained a young man named Eduardo on how to remove it. Bellamy already knows but had been keeping it a secret from Emori because she's close with Murphy. However, Russell sees this as a chance to bring Josie back in a willing host, since Abby is helping them learn how to turn anyone into a Nightblood and to restore Clarke, undoing their mistake of forcing Clarke to become a host in the first place. The story involves 100 juvenile delinquents being sent back to Earth to see if it's possible to re-colinize the planet. Gabriel tells Octavia and Diyoza that the only reason he still has the Mind Drive is because he has no one to remove it. Somehow her hand gets exposed to the flash, changing it from smooth to wrinkled and knobby in seconds. Xavier asks them to leave their weapons there. He explains that the Primes would turn them into Nightbloods, then use the Mind Drives to make them live forever. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Episode 9 didn’t really tell us what happened to Octavia inside the anomaly, but Gabriel’s thoughts may suggest what happened to Diyoza. There they find a floating metallic sphere with spiral designs and the same type of pattern found on Octavia’s tattoo inscribed on its outside. Using the red symbols on Octavia’s newly found tattoo as a code, Gabriel is able to activate the sphere, causing the anomaly to expand. Emori starts attending to a bleeding Murphy before they're both captured by Jade. In The 100 season 6, episode 8, “The Old Man and the Anomaly”, Octavia goes into the Anomaly about six seconds after Diyoza, yet three months passed for Diyoza in that time. Madi, under Sheidheda's influence, suggests killing one of the Primes like Miranda. I’d be scared of getting on that ship next season! Abby was also chipped that season, meaning there was a possibility that her version of the code interacted with Simone’s Mind Drive, even though the EMP used to destroy the chip should have also removed the mesh. Before the finale aired, there was speculation that a part of Abby may still exist. Priya wonders why the Earth group would turn against them since Jordan just saved her. Not like the stone was activated in general but how the anomaly (or bridge) came through sanctum and transported people to penance. Meanwhile, Murphy has an offer for Emori. This little tidbit is certainly the most interesting. Murphy tells them that they don't need Jackson. Back at the machine shop, Emori and Ryker finish building the EMP and are preparing for the surgery to remove Josie's Mind Drive. Either way, we’ll either get a death onscreen in real-time or this daughter will be able to tell us what happened, similarly to the way we found out about Monty and Harper in the Season 5 finale. Release Information Related: The 100: Every Original Character Still Alive In Season 7. "Nevermind" However, Diyoza is so drawn to her daughter that she ignores both Gabriel and Octavia. THE wait is over for fans, as the season 7 trailer for The CW’s The 100 is finally here. Suddenly, Octavia starts hallucinating, acting as if she doesn't recognize them. Early in The 100 season 5, Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) discovers information on Eligius I and II, which were also mining missions. Meanwhile, Murphy has an offer for Emori. The Anomaly Stone is thousands of years old and has many symbols on it. The Anomaly first appeared in The 100 season 6 - on the Alpha moon, also called Sanctum. Echo says they need Raven to remove Josie's Mind Drive but it could be too late by the time Raven returns from the mothership.

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