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station 19 3

And it would soon get even more complicated. 4. The crew battles a storage facility fire with growing complications. (And that’s coming from someone on Team Dean/Vic!) So they’d have to chainsaw through the walls to let smoke out. Judgment day arrived not once but twice for Station 19’s Sullivan in Thursday’s episode. In the season 2 finale and in season 3, her new love interest is the new captain, Robert Sullivan, whom she marries in Season 3 prior to her father's death. Meanwhile, Emmett comes clean to Ben and Sullivan, and shows Andy a softer side. Their bond is put to the test as they work to save first-time campers after a gruesome bear attack. Charlie Mason / While Pruitt grieves a monumental loss, Andy refuses to do the same and, instead, throws herself into work. Watch the official Station 19 online at Rate. When Pruitt showed up, we caught glimpses of the wedding he’d never get to attend, a City Hall service at which he gave away the bride. Warning: The following contains spoiler’s for Thursday’s emotional episode of Station 19. Meanwhile, Dean receives advice from Pruitt in a difficult situation, and Sullivan seeks help from Dr. Amelia Shepherd. ‘STOP NAMING INAMINATE OBJECTS AFTER WOMEN’ | As “I’ll Be Seeing You” began, while Pruitt played poker in the firehouse’s kitchen with some (literally) old buddies, Emmett told Travis that he didn’t want their relationship to be over, and Vic balked at finding Jackson working out with Ben in the gym. Read on, and I’ll explain how. Clearly, it wasn’t as over for the two of them as, for Dean’s sake, I had hoped. When Travis went to ventilate the building’s roof, he found that it was unstable; if he so much as stepped on it, he’d fall through. And OD’d. Maya advocates for her career, while Jack connects with an acquaintance; and Andy and Ryan have a heart-to-heart. But at least, thanks to him, there could be a wedding at all. ‘SOUND THE DAMN BELLS’ | Inside the burning building, Sullivan had no sooner found Andy than their way out was block by flaming debris. Maya advocates for her career, while Jack connects with an acquaintance; and Andy and Ryan have a heart-to-heart. See? I repeat: Gah! Meanwhile, Vic and Dean try to reason with a man battling Alzheimer's disease. In it, he swore not to repeat his forebears’ mistakes by putting his job first. While Ben and Jackson operated on Luke with Maggie’s help via monitor (was that Zoom? 6. Hit the comments. Also clear: Barrett Doss is a gift from the romcom gods. A department store fire triggers painful memories from Ben's childhood. Later, after he took a shower and emerged “from a wall of steam like some kind of sexy ghost,” she laid down some ground rules: He could never sleep at the firehouse, he could never be naked there, and dammit, he had to stop smilking (half-smiling, half-smirking like he knew something she didn’t). 1. In an adjacent locker, Jack and Andy discovered a bunch of propane tanks! By Andy becomes painfully suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her mother's death. And when he made amends for that, he might lose his job. Rate. Andy and Jack fight to save people trapped in a collapsing bowling alley; Ben confronts Sullivan about his drug problem; Maya's mother pays her a visit. Meanwhile, Maya pushes the team too hard and struggles to bring them together; and Pruitt threatens to take drastic action when refused a request. Jack, down to his last lungful of air, collapsed. Ben, Jackson and Emmett are put in a precarious and dangerous position with a potential victim. Conan O'Brien to Exit Late-Night After 28 Years, Launch Weekly Variety Show at HBO Max — Read…, Virgin River Stars Reflect on Jack and Mel's 'Pivotal' First Kiss Ahead of Season 2. Will Sullivan really be fired when he comes clean? ), the propane tanks blew, knocking the wind out of Jack and Andy. While at a lunch seeking Pruitt's blessing for their relationship, Andy and Sullivan jump into action when immigration officials raid the restaurant; Travis gets roped into an awkward lunch with Chief Dixon, Emmett and Emmett's girlfriend. She’d had a heart attack. All rights In another flashback, Andy confessed that she’d recently slept with almost-ex-fiancé Jack, and Sullivan admitted that he’d stolen fentanyl from the PRT. So, what did you think of Pruitt’s last stand? Only it turned out to be three guys, one of whose cigarette had started a fire… which had then spread through the vent to other units. “I love you,” he said, “and I want to marry you.” Back in the present, new dad Dean panicked when he and Vic found Luke… unconscious and bleeding in a unit that was blazing. 6 Feb. 2020 Eulogy. First, he was called out by Ben over his dangerous lies, then he was made to tell all to Dixon. Meanwhile, the members of the crew work to evacuate a doctor from Pac-North hospital and find themselves in a life-threatening situation. When a blizzard hits Seattle, Travis must take a difficult call and members of the crew are forced to face their truths. “Is this how we die?” Emmett asked Travis before collapsing. Never even just minorly challenging! Rate. Dr. Jackson Avery pops over from Grey Sloan and ends up collaborating with Ben Warren. Visit the ABC Shop for Station 19 merchandise. reserved.PMC Entertainment. Definitely beat Andy’s revelation that she had 100 pairs of socks because she hated doing laundry! Andy's search for more background on her family opens her eyes, and Vic and Travis are caught in the middle of a corruption scheme. 3. Everybody hadn’t been evacuated: He hadn’t seen Luke, the homeless fellow that he secretly allowed to live in a unit. After a car crashes into Joe's Bar, Andy and Sullivan lead the team of firefighters as they work to rescue their fellow crew mates Ben and Pruitt, Grey Sloan doctors and interns, and bar patrons before the building collapses. When the smoke cleared and they made their way outside, Andy spotted her father’s baseball cap and knew in an instant that he was gone. Thank You to All of the Real-Life Essential Workers, Maya Deals With Her Dad During a Bomb Threat, Sullivan Reveals a Surprising Fact About His Family, A Proposal, an Ultimatum, and a Five-Alarm Fire, Andy Lets Her Relationship With Sullivan Slip.

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