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simbologia giapponese tattoo

These tattoo designs are usually quite complex and considered as some of the most difficult as the image is characterized with rich colors and shades, clear detailing of the armor and you need to go to an experienced tattoo artist. The resulting monster combined the courage and ambition of a dragon, and the wisdom of a turtle. We shall look at the meaning of the most popular ones – the cherry blossoms, peonies, chrysanthemum, lotus, maple leaves. There are three major groups of images which are typical for the Japanese style tattoos – animals, flowers and figures. The image of a tiger is often combined with bamboo stalks, wind, clouds and can be paired with dragon or snake. This is one of the most famous symbols of Japan and is very popular as a tattoo. Cherry trees blooms in early spring, and very quickly lose the petals of their flowers. Dragons also represent strength, good fortune, courage and wisdom. A lotus can also symbolize truth, faith, harmony and spiritual awakening. Former prisoners, too, decorated themselves with large-scale ornaments and patterns. These are wood-block prints produced by ukiyo-e artists. In a tattoo design, the meaning of Oni can be related to the legend of the monk who became an Oni after death to protect his temple. Below we shall look at the meaning of the most popular images and their symbolism. The images which are used represent the personal beliefs of the man and are blended in a way to tell a story. Dragons are mythological creatures and they symbolize good forces that are always ready to protect human beings. The demon is usually depicted as angry and cruel and the typical colors are pink, red, or blue-grey. The short life of these tender beautiful flowers inevitably made sakura a symbol of the short life of a warrior and of the short period of youth and attractiveness of a geisha. As these magical creatures are associated with air as well as water, dragons are often illustrated with waves. Lotus flowers are a symbol of the Buddhist religion not only in Japan. Bamboo in Japanese tattoos is a symbol of longevity, courage, strength in life and endurance as this is a plant that can withstand a Hurricane. The tattoo is a symbol of masculinity as well. Generally, these animals symbolize strength, power, and courage. On our site you can find many other information about tattoos. In fact, this concept has a deeper meaning, based on the code of honor of the samurai, “Bushido”, which means the path of the warrior. Usually, tattoo designs are asymmetric and the contour is made with very thin lines. The group of figures includes images from the folklore – Tengu (ghosts) and Oni (demons) as well as Suikoden (geisha, samurai), Buddha and Buddhist deities. Tattoos were allowed only to firefighters, so they decorated their body with very intricate drawings. SIMBOLI GIAPPONESI. The fight does not bring victory to either the dragon or the tiger, and legends say that this duel ends in friendship and consent. Una geisha è una donna molto preziosa, dal portamento elegante e dal pensi… In the past, tattoos were banned in Japan, with one unusual exception. Samurai tattoos are often combined with kanji symbols representing the Bushido laws. Turtles, or minogame, are usually depicted in water, sometimes with other water-related creatures. This tattoo design is very common because of its beauty and grace. In addition, we have a catalog of tattoo artists, as well as a description of tattoo styles. People believed that cranes are able to turn into people, and, often taking the shape of wandering monks, do good deeds. Because society had a clear division into classes and if everyone had body drawings it would have led to a mixing of classes. It was applied to those Yakuza members who were involved in smuggling and drugs. A geisha is a symbol of beauty and grace, a highly skilled entertainer and this is the meaning of the tattoo – femininity, beauty, grace, patience, entertainment, strength of spirit. This changed during the 17th century when tattoos were allowed to ordinary people and became popular among Yakuza members. It represents a jealous woman who turned into a demon and is portrayed with horns, fang-like teeth and a look of hate and pure resentment. A phoenix can symbolize eternal love and the hope of a rebirth after death. Japanese Oni tattoo (Oni Mask/ Demon mask Tattoo) is very common and the horned demon is probably one of the most popular supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore. Storia e significati del tatuaggio giapponese: cos'è l'ìrezumi, come si è sviluppato e oltre 90 idee tattoo a cui ispirarsi. However, there is another meaning. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Japanese tattoos vary in style, symbols and appeared hundreds of years ago. To put an image of a Japanese warrior on your body means to fully understand, follow and honor the rules and traditions that the samurai lived by. Tigers are not found in Japan but this did not prevent tattoos with tigers becoming so popular. Maple leaves have a different meaning in Japanese culture. Onis are the spirits who punish the unjust and evil. In Japan the most beautiful thing is the one that is not obvious, not exposed to the eye. Peony flower in Japanese tattoo designs has a variety of meanings. Many modern Japanese tattoo masters still use the manual method of painting the body and do not use electric devices. They feature intricate details, intriguing images from mythology and folklore and the compositions follow strict rules – for example, a Buddha figure cannot be placed below the waist as this is considered disrespectful, clouds are placed above the waist as they represent the sky while waves should be below the waistline, combining flowers and animals also has its logic – a koi fish swimming upstream is paired it with maples or chrysanthemums since they swim upstream only during the fall. The phoenix (hou-ou in Japanese) is a legendary bird, a mythical creature that can regenerate again and again from the ashes. Want to know more about Simbologia Giapponese Tattoo? are: Kintaro – one of the most popular characters in Japanese folklore, which is a mix of the local deity (kami) of fertility with a real historical figure. It is believed that tigers can drive away demons, diseases and prevent misfortune. It was believed that if the firefighter died, he could be identified by the drawings. Some of the most common traditional images in the yakuza tattoos along with the images of the dragon, tiger, ghosts and demons, etc. A multitude of leaves represents regeneration and resurrection. The composition of a Japanese tattoo is very important. Tatuaggio Giapponese: Intro, tecnica, storia, simboli, significati e approfondimenti. Geishas from ancient times were famous for their charming beauty and mild temper. Read the reviews. There is a version that the image of this demon is borrowed from Tibetan culture, from where the origins of many Japanese mythological creatures originate. Do not deny yourself the joy of a new tattoo! The tattoo is a symbol of masculinity as well. It is a symbol of transformation, triumph over obstacles, loyalty, rebirth, and renewal. Explore the various pages of our site and you will learn a lot of interesting things about the tattoo design. On the contrary, it has a more positive meaning and the intention is to represent the natural life cycle, a change, appreciation for life and acceptance of the inevitability of death.

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