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The use of the adverbial phrase "quodammodo" (which, moreover, is typical of the great classical theology, inspired not by the criteria of geometric-mathematical uniqueness, but respectful of the Mystery), however, warns us to draw hasty conclusions. Z would never put up with someone like him). he Holy Father appears determined to ensure that the aims of his papacy will endure after he is gone. Francis is a human being. Developed by Fiat Insight. 3 July 2020 Saint Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr Dear Mr. Magister, Permit me to reply to your article “ Archbishop Viganò on the Brink of Schism,” published at Settimo Cielo on June 29 . Of course it is true that dogmatic formulas have an immediate sense, potentially knowable by anyone (it is the basis of the common sense doctrine). This is a simple, great example of hermeneutics of continuity applied to a fundamental point of Catholic doctrine, for which the Christian is not such by nature, but by grace. With no limits anymore. Thank you! I ASK; YOU ANSWER. O my, get out????? Vatican II is here to stay so get used to it (or get out)! He ridiculed people in Chile who were horrified by a bishop who covered up child abuse.These are not massive ecclesial decisions (like abandoning Catholics in China or wiping out the John Paul II Institute or refusing to answer officially submitted dubia or avoiding transparency and alacrity in investigating a pernicious ex-cardinal), but they are signals. Pierre said..."Vatican II, as implemented, was a flop. In a remarkable article published in the magazine "30 Days" in 2010, the great Jesuit biblical scholar Ignace de la Potterie recalled the previous Thomistic according to which "considering the generality of men, all the time in the world, Christ is the head of all  men, but according to different degrees "(" Summa theologica "III, 8, 3) and explained: "But if the words" according to different degrees "and" in a certain way "were not removed from the phrase" Summa theologica "and from the phrase" Gaudium et spes ", all the data of the Catholic faith would not be respected. E-mail: Postal address: Sandro Magister, "L'espresso", via C. Colombo 90, 00147 Roma Site design by Theo Nelki. Perhaps Lomotil will take care of your " mouth issue". "I do not think we can follow this method, nor the method of “throwing the baby out with the bath water.” With regard to a legitimate ecumenical Council, even if there were negative points, we have to maintain an overall attitude of respect. How about his drubbing of the Cardinals and Bishops of the Roman Curia as a Christmas gift a few years ago? Sandro Magister, Settimo Cielo. We even go so far as to say that hermeneutics, interpretation, should be excluded from the doctrinal field. Tuesday, November 10, 2020. Meanwhile, the organization has come forward with an official statement about their founder, Father Maciel, and the future of the order: We had thought and hoped that the accusations [...]. AND reading some of the brilliant comments that follow what Fr Hunwicke wrote about Vatican II. I wish that Pope Emeritus had the strength to take on the recent nonsense that Archbishop Viganò and Bishop Schneider espoused in regard to Vatican II.I know that he has blessed us for decades with a wealth of material that has revealed the authentic Vatican II.Unfortunately, right-wingers and left-wingers have ignored Father, Cardinal, Pope, Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger's valuable writings and addresses that have presented unto us the authentic Vatican II.I realize that today, even if he had the energy to discuss at length Vatican II, that the Church's right-wing, as represented by Archbishop Viganò and Bishop Schneider — that ilk — would dismiss Pope Emeritus' presentation(s) of the Council.The left-wing would also ignore Pope Emeritus.But at least among the overwhelming amount of Catholics who don't belong to the Church's extreme wings, those with the desire to encounter the true Council would obtain the truth about the orthodox Second Sacred Vatican Ecumenical Council.Pax.Mark Thomas. This is especially due to the introduction of "new parameters" or "new ecclesial pragmatics" which does not worry too much about this continuity, thanks also to the exorbitant evaluation of the "signs of the times". From my studies in fact (in addition to the volume cited above, see also the one entitled "The Vatican II Ecumenical Council. A strange Easter message, coming from a pope, for a resurrection wholly and solely political. Today, then, we can resort to that extraordinary source of knowledge of Pope Paul VI which is the Diary of Cardinal Pericles Felici, a publication edited by me. This isn't what Pope Francis would recommend at all Nasone. Acceptance of Vatican II and being critical of one who chronically hijaks a matter what he is rambling about are 2 different issues. This is not enough, because the serious initial historical-ideological conditioning of the vision of Vatican II as an "event" has remained (see the French historiography, for the historical vision, especially after "Les Annales"), which leads the  correct interpretation. Unfortunatley The Imodium doesn't seem to be effective. Can I ask, do you think Fr Hunwicke’s blog is a similar “echo chamber”? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. EVEN CARDINAL KASPER SEEMS TO HAVE UNDERGONE A CAT... SANDRO MAGISTER, JUST IN CASE YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH... O MY! Of course in Mark Thomas's Manichaean worldview he is a right-wing mutineer and sower of confusion. Sandro Magister publishes two articles, a google translation: I receive and publish the following two letters. All are welome is the mantra you should be chanting not one of exclusion especially of those who don't accept Vatican II anymore or never did. Counterpoint for its history", LEV, Vatican City 2005, p. 407) -  it turned out that the work of the "school of Bologna" was largely published with great historical and ideological gaps, both as regards private council journals, but above all because it was performed without the support of official documents essential for understanding the  Magno Synod, such as the Acts of its governing bodies and the general secretariat. If he DOES get a dissenting or valid question that is sincere or worth responding to, he often posts about the topic. For its correct hermeneutics", LEV, Vatican City 2012, p. 380) I draw the belief that even those who recall,  praising them, other hermeneutic tendencies, that of Peter Hünermann, for example, or John W. O'Malley, Gilles Routhier or Christoph Theobald, actually brings polluted water to the same mill. THE HYPOCRISY OF THE NATIONAL SCHISMATIC REPORTER. 2. With Fr Hunwicke scholarship is tempered with whimsy; he delights in paradox and irony, preaches the most entertaining yet thought-provoking homilies, and as a lecturer can hold an audience spellbound when he is the last to speak at the end of a long day.His critique of what he calls 'Bergoglianism' is trenchant but well-founded, and his contempt for the 'ultrahyperueberpapalism' of certain Francis sycophants would have been shared by St John Henry Newman. He should really go over to Father Z's website and argue with him:"Francis has a mean streak. In fact there is a novelty: I want to say that up to the beginning of this summer there were many who testified the fall of interest - let's say so - for the last Great Synod, despite my high lai. I will listen to their voices in regard to Vatican II.Father Hunwicke, Archbishop Viganò, and Bishop Schneider sow confusion and promote mutiny in regard to the Second Sacred Vatican Ecumenical Council. The AP reporter writes that ‘Francis’ obsession with Satan’ is because he has mentioned the devil ‘on a handful of occasions’ within a [...], The apostolic visitation of the Legion of Christ was wrapped up this month, and the contents of the final report will be revealed in late April. This is not the first complaint we have had about it either, and I suspect it won't be the last. Perhaps thinking, erroneously, that "what made boss has". Site designed by Hyperdo Media. Francis’ labeling of people who love the Church’s Tradition as rigid, and the suggestion that there is something psychologically wrong with them is just plain mean. At the top of the page, a detail from the mosaics in the basilica of Saint Mary Major, Rome, fifth century, depicting the heavenly Jerusalem. | German And there it was, at the top of his and a hundred other articles, now the most famous chair in Christendom, conspicuously empty, with all around it immaculately becassocked curial cardinals, bishops and [...], Bethany Blankley writes in the Christian Post Opinion website that "The mainstream media is at it again": “‘The Pope And The Devil: Is Francis an Exorcist?’ an Associated Press (AP) headline reads. Both Bert Einstein and Warren Buffet liked to draft their writings so that a sixth grader could understand them.

Storia Di Abramo Riassunto, 8 Novembre Giornata Internazionale, Crisi 2008 Italia, Nome Da Abbinare A Celeste, Buon Compleanno Pasqualina, 25 Dicembre 2019, 25 Febbraio Giornata Internazionale, Agriturismo Con Animali San Giovanni Rotondo,

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