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antonio sant'elia biografia

He took part in the Competition for the New Parish Church of Salsomaggiore, which was announced on 1st February of that year. Estes são aspectos reveladores da crescente atividade industrial e do aparecimento de novas tecnologias e materiais, utilizados nos seus discursos e desenhos.[1][2][4]. This, among other things, set in motion for him some real reflection on the nature of his own personal architectural language, unbounded by the taste of commissioned orders, as he set about drawing up the first elements of his Città Nuova, the New City. Sant'Elia, Antonio — ▪ Italian architect born April 30, 1888, Como, Italy died Oct. 10, 1916, near Monfalcone       Italian architect notable for his visionary drawings of the city of the future. He lived in Corso Garibaldi, renting a room in a council house with Giovanni Possamai, a sculptor of his own age. [1][2][3], Sant’Elia deixou muitas obras incompletas e é especialmente lembrado por seus rascunhos e pela influência deixada na arquitetura moderna. Scopre sin da bambino una naturale predisposizione all'architettura e al disegno, oltre che doti sportive, specie nel salto e nella corsa. Hij was mede betrokken bij de oprichting van de groep Nuove Tendenze. He was born in 1888 in Como, Lombardy, and at age 19 became a draftsman. Per informazioni dettagliate sull’impiego dei cookie in questo sito web invitiamo a cliccare su "Maggiori informazioni". [2][4], Por volta dessa época, e produziu desenhos de grande impacto da sua Città Nuova (Cidade Nova), com escala monumental de megalópoles com arranha-céus, passarelas e vias suspensas para veículos. He attended the courses on perspective, embellishment and architecture and went to the lectures held by Giuseppe Mentessi in geometry, Angelo Cattaneo in perspective and scenography, Enrico Butti in sculpture, Cesare Tallone in painting and Gaetano Moretti in architecture. At the same firm he became friends with the designer and silversmith Arrigo Finzi who he met in 1909. [8], Residência com elevadores externos (1914), «L'Architettura Futurista: o manifesto de Antonio Sant'Elia», «100 Years after His Death, the Legacy of Futurist Architect Antonio Sant'Elia Lives On», «Antonio Sant'Elia - key member of the Futurist movement in architecture», «The Futurist world of architect Antonio Sant'Elia», «O arquiteto que inspirou as cidades futuristas de 'Metrópolis' e 'Blade Runner,, Pessoas da Primeira Guerra Mundial (Itália), Atribuição-CompartilhaIgual 3.0 Não Adaptada (CC BY-SA 3.0) da Creative Commons. No Manifesto Futurista,[5] de Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, em 1909, o autor disse: Abriu um atelier em Milão Biographical history of technology. Antonio Sant'Elia nasceu em 1888, em Como, na região da Lombardia.Treinado como construtor e arquiteto, Antonio abriu um escritório em Milão em 1912, envolvendo-se pouco tempo depois com o movimento futurista, sendo o seu principal arquiteto e divulgador, influenciado pelas ideias de Otto Wagner e pelas cidades industriais dos Estados Unidos. During his stay in Milan he experienced in first person the problems associated with the growth of the metropolis and became thoroughly cognisant of all the innovations in technology and hygiene that were being introduced by Milan’s administrative authorities. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. - Taylor & Francis e-Librar. At the end of his first year at the Accademia, when he scored 9.5 in architecture, 6 in embellishment and 5 in perspective, he passed into the second year which he attended only for a short time. The questions of urban transformation and the renewal of the road system made necessary by the growth in traffic were new subjects of discussion that Sant’Elia embraced and addressed in competitions, in exhibitions and in congresses. Antonio Sant'Elia (Como, 1888-en el frente, cerca de Montefalcone, 1916) Arquitecto italiano. Questo sito web utilizza i cookie per consentire una migliore navigazione agli utenti. Biografía. - Taylor & Francis e-Librar. Antonio Sant'Elia (Como, 30 de abril de 1888-Monfalcone, 10 de octubre de 1916) [1] fue un arquitecto y urbanista italiano. O futurismo visava romper com a visão da arquitetura do passado, que segundo Antonio replicava antigos modelos, misturando estilos, para assim chamá-los de "arquitetura moderna". Antonio Sant’Elia was born in Como on 30th April 1888, son of Luigi Sant’Elia, a barber in Como (1845-1914) and Cristina Panzillo (Capua 1848-Como 1922). The popularity he achieved in Como resulted in his obtaining a number of commissions, including for the school for the Viganò district (which was never built), for the decoration of the façade and the boundaries to the Francesco Baracca school in via Brambilla, as well as for the decoration of the façade of a building in Via Cesare Cantù, where his father had run the barber’s shop. Nacionalista e patriota, Antonio se alistou no exército italiano quando seu país entrou na Primeira Guerra Mundial, em 1915. 1912 Em agosto de 1914, Antonio teria publicado o Manifesto da Arquitetura Futurista, apesar de ainda se debater se ele foi mesmo seu autor. The design of the final plates was shared out between Sant’Elia (perspective views and cross sections), the architect Tancredi Motta (floor plans), and the painter Leonardo Dudreville (water colour perspective views). He achieved a good result, obtaining 2446 votes to come in fourth and was thus elected as council member sitting on the opposition’s benches. 1921 Antonio Sant'Elia - Biografia. At the same time improvements were being made to the infrastructures both on the land and on the lake and new hotels were springing up and changing the appearance of the landscape. [1] As cidades, com a sua elevada densidade populacional, procuravam ordenamento consoante o seu crescimento. Ele propôs ainda que a cidade existia em contínua construção., Wikipedia:Commonscat met lokaal zelfde link als op Wikidata, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen. He designed some kitchenware for him which was briefly in production from 1914 up to the time both departed for the war. The plans were admitted to the second stage of the competition and were finally awarded third place. +39 031 252550. In May he left Como again for the Carso as Second Lieutenant and was assigned to the 225th regiment of the Arezzo Brigade, in the 5th Armata. The works began straight away under the direction of the master-builder Nino Dabbusi. Sant'Elìa, Antonio. In deze tekst pleit hij ervoor de vormen van het verleden achterwege te laten en voor de moderne stedenbouw nieuwe vormen te ontwikkelen die zich baseren op de verworvenheden van de wetenschap. Antonio Sant’Elia lived the quintessential futurist life — short, violent and driven by an all-consuming desire to remake the world. Antonio Sant'Elia Antonio Sant'Elia Arquitecto italiano Nació el 30 de abril de 1888 en Como (Italia). At the age of nineteen he moved to Milan where he found his first job as site manager for the completion works on the Villoresi Canal, which work meant he was able to view the hydroelectric power station of Vizzola Ticino. At the end of the nineteenth century the city was going through a prosperous time with much development taking place in the textile and tourist industries. He gained an honourable mention for his entry to the Competition for a small modern villa announced in 1908 by the Cooperative “Milanino”, which was proposing to build a garden city in the area between Cusano Milanino and Cinisello Balsamo. A ntonio Sant'Elia nasce il 30 Aprile 1888 a Como, da Luigi Sant'Elia e Cristina Panzilla. Aurora Cuito, Cristina Montes (eds.) He obtained good marks in the practical tests (67\70 and 70\70), with lower marks in the essay (49\70) and in the final interview (56\70). 1911 1903 De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. He left behind almost no completed works of architecture and is primarily remembered for his bold sketches and influence on modern architecture. 1916 On 14th October 1930 a funeral celebration was held at the Teatro Sociale theatre in Como. - Architetto (n. Como 1888 - m. in guerra, a Monfalcone, 1916). One reason why little was built was because he was killed during the Great War, age 28. Antonio Sant’Elia, (born April 30, 1888, Como, Italy—died Oct. 10, 1916, near Monfalcone), Italian architect notable for his visionary drawings of the city of the future. Op de eerste tentoonstelling van deze groep in 1914 toonde hij zijn ontwerpen voor een futuristische stad, zijn 'Citta Nuova'.

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